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Curbside Services

Our curbside pick-up service is a convenient trash-removal service that is picked-up on a regular schedule that you can count on. 

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dumpsters Services

Permanent or temporary dumpster services are available for residential or commercial needs. Size options include 2 or 3 yard dumpsters.

Roll-Off Dumpsters:
12 and 30 yards

Our 12-yard roll-off dumpster offers a versatile solution for smaller-scale projects, such as home renovations, landscaping, or garage cleanouts. With ample capacity for debris and waste, this dumpster is ideal for residential use while still providing enough space to accommodate various materials efficiently.

Meet the heavy-duty workhorse of waste management: our 30-yard roll-off dumpster. Perfect for large-scale construction projects, commercial renovations, or extensive cleanouts, this spacious dumpster offers substantial capacity to handle significant volumes of debris and materials. Its robust design ensures efficient waste disposal while streamlining your project’s cleanup process.

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portable toilets | Septic Service

Plains Disposal is pleased to provide portable toilets and septic service for our local communities. Our units are always clean and well maintained.

special Services

Do you need to have a particular item hauled away or a special pick-up service? We are happy to provide any special services you might need. Just call today and schedule a time for your pick-up.

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